BROADWAY NYC stands for casual, sporty and at the same time feminine fashion with feel-good character. The modern woman wants to express her style through individuality and uniqueness. We at BROADWAY NYC share her passion for fashion. Discover our wide selection of lifestyle fashion and be inspired by current fashion trends every season. Feminine cuts, quality fabrics and perfect fits - the affordable casual feminine looks have what it takes to make the modern woman look good every moment and put her in the spotlight just as she sees fit. 

BROADWAY NYC FASHION is a fashion company from Hamburg that remains true to its roots: the product know-how, the reliable fit competence and the trend orientation for the target customer in the segment of the fashionable middle! At the same time, we are constantly working on fashion innovations. 

The soul of the company is our ambitious team. Each individual is important and essential to the success of BROADWAY NYC. With the competence, creativity and incomparable team spirit, looks are created with a clear signature and a sense for details and innovative fabrics.


Our goal is to be the most reliable partner for our customers, contributing greatly to their success. At the same time, we continuously strive to reduce negative impacts on the environment to support the preservation of the planet, especially for future generations.