What would fall be without knits! We provide the perfect stage: textures. Loose or with ribs. Fluffy yarns in asymmetric shapes and kimono sleeves turn jumpers and cardigans into our favourite season pieces. Jessica thinks they’re absolute must-haves: “My personal winter fashion style involves loads of knits to make sure I‘m always feeling cosy and warm.”

Cardigan_No.1015_7886_Leota 59.99 EUR
Blouse_No.1015_7794_Luzi 25.99 EUR
Pants_No.1015_7859_Jenna 49.99 EUR

Flattering elegance, right down to the ankles: a snug maxidress and a cosy super scarf.

Dress_No.1015_7896_Lin 59.99 EUR
Scarf_No.1015_7906_Maty 29.99 EUR